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HEVEA Crown Round Pacifier 3-36 Months

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Pacifier for bottle-fed babies The Hevea 100% Natural rubber pacifier with the cute crown design is made with a classicl round teat cherry shaped teat. The round teat pacifier is perfect for bottle-fed babies as the teat is the same shape as the teat on baby bottles. This pacifier is part of the Hevea Classic Collection and has no colourings added, besides the natural, warm and amber colour of pure natural rubber. The plastic-free pacifier is soft and gentle on your baby's face. and the ergonomically butterfly shape gives space for both nose and chin. Use the pacifier 0-3 months for newborn babaies and move along to the larger teat from around 3 months of age. Please note that natural rubber apcifiers increase in size after long periods of use and should be replaced every 6-8 weeks.

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